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Elevating Vessel Services

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We Are Seakey Marine

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Chartering Of Marine Vessels
We are into renting or leasing ships, boats, or other waterborne vehicles for various purposes, primarily within the maritime industry.
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Oil & Gas Security
We also provide comprehensive set of measures and strategies put in place to protect critical assets, infrastructure, and operations within the oil and gas industry.
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Offshore Security Escort Services
We also provide vital OSES protection and security for various maritime operations and assets conducted in remote or high-risk offshore environments.
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Sales & Purchase Brokerage
OurSales & Purchase Brokerage is dynamic and essential for negotiating deals and contracts to providing market insights and analysis to clients.
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At Our Core

We consistently meet our delivery commitments

Heavy Lift Operations

Seakey Marine Limited excels in conducting numerous heavy lift operations, primarily serving clients within the energy sector. Our responsibilities encompass thorough vessel vetting, meticulous supervision of critical cargo loading and unloading, and the steadfast assurance of secure and timely delivery to the designated site.

Dry Docking

We provide efficient and budget-friendly dry docking services, tailored to meet your needs. Our comprehensive pre-docking inspections enable you to strategize for overhauls, anticipate spare parts requirements, and plan personnel deployment. Throughout the docking process, our team of skilled service engineers is dedicated to offering unwavering support, ranging from supervisory duties to comprehensive project management.

Delivery Recovery

As an integral facet of our comprehensive service portfolio, we excel in reactivating laid-up ships and orchestrating the seamless delivery of vessels of varying types and sizes to global destinations. Our niche expertise lies in the efficient transportation of aging ships to demolition yards located in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China. Furthermore, we boast a wealth of experience in facilitating the relocation of second-hand vessels from their port of origin to the new buyer's designated trading area. In addition, our capabilities extend to vessel recovery and salvage operations when the need arises.

In the waves of change, we find our true direction." - Unknown

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